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Sun: systemic

The systemic approach involves integrating ones whole living environment (family, relationships, work, leisure, etc.) and  looks at situations holistically.

Understanding problems, finding holistic solutions and achievement of goals are supported with effective and proven techniques such as the systemic current-state analysis, circular questions and constellation work on the system board.



The unique variety of methods of SUN COACHING – up-to-date, professional, scientifically sound and holisticly-timeless – will be individually tailored to you and lead to measurable success in a short amount of time!

SUN: nlp

NLP is the art and science of personal excellence and successful communication.

The combination of the words neuro-linguistic programming (short: NLP) describes the interplay of the three areas: body (neurology), language (linguistics) and thinking (programming).

SUNCoaching Methods:


Example of a constellation on the system board:
As a first step, client K. establishes his current, problematic “family system” on the so-called system or family board using various wooden figures (each representing system members). This tangible visualisation helps change the perspective and understanding of the actual situation. Furthermore Mr. K. becomes new insights and information by interviewing the representatives and by being asked systemic questions. He then actively develops his solution system and moves on. 



    Unique: Just like each and every one of us.
And just like my special offer of knowledge, techniques and combinations of methods. 

  • Ancient Hawaiian knowledge & techniques: HUNA, ALOHA-Spirit, DYNAMIND, HO'OPONOPONO, KUPONO

  • wingwave® Coaching: The wingwave®-method is a performance and emotion coaching, with noticeable and quick  results for the coachee. Within just a few sessions it reduces stress and increases creativity, mental fitness and conflict stability. These profound effects are achieved through a seemingly simple basic intervention: the generation of "awake" REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which humans otherwise pass through only during nighttime dream sleep. Here the coach leads the eye-movement of his coachee with quick hand movements horizontally to and fro. Using the myostatic test as a muscle feedback tool, the exact topic is predetermined and the effectiveness of the intervention is subsequently verified. wingwave® coaching is not psychotherapy and cannot replace such. A prerequisite for the clients / customers - as in all coaching-settings – is having stable mental and physical health (translated from information of Besser-Siegmund Institute).

  • Relaxation and meditation techniques for body, mind and soul: breathing exercises, muscle relaxation techniques,
    Energizing exercises, guided relaxation- and inner journeys; Dynamind, Nalu (Hawaiian meditation technique), various mindfulness exercises and -meditations.


  • Mental-Coaching & Embodimentfokussiertes* Coaching:  Our mental state (thoughts and visual imagination) can affect feelings and moods, and subsequently our behaviour. As such, our ways of thinking and our ideas are crucial when it comes to giving up or persevering, winning or losing, passively complaining about circumstances or actively coping with challenges. The development and support of mental strength is necessary nowadays, not only for top athletes and top managers, but also for the everyday challenges of modern life.
    Embodiment-focused * Coaching techniques involve body signals (perceived phenomena) and achieve emotional and cognitive relief and willingness to change through work with the body (breathing and movement exercises, movement meditation, tapping techniques, etc.). (* Body-oriented)

  • Spiritual Coaching: Spirituality refers to the spiritual dimension of mankind and points to the non-material origin of life. It involves the search for the meaning of life, the existential questions of where we come from and where we are going and the human yearning to recognize ones nature, ones true self. To experience and explore our invisible and intangible consciousness,  helps us to regain the lost unity of body, mind and soul. Based in the Christian religion, I have dealt with different spiritual directions and research about consciousness and would love to support you on your own spiritual path.




NLP originated from the collaboration of John Grinder and Richard Bandler at the University of Santa Cruz, California in the 1970's. Together, they examined the top psychotherapists Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt therapy), Virginia Satir (family therapy) and Milton Erikson (hypnotherapy).

They identified common patterns and behaviors that these therapists used and successfully passed on to other people.

From these findings and the work of Alfred Korzybski (semantics), Gregory Bateson (systems theory and cybernetics), Noam Chomsky (syntactic structures) and Hans Vaihinger (epistemology), Bandler and Grinder developed a new communication model - a collection of highly effective communication techniques for accelerated learning and personal development.

NLP was and continues to be developed and used effectively when it comes to improving communication as well as the development and realisation of human potential; education, sales and management, counseling, therapy and coaching are just a few examples.

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