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Partner offer SVS

(Social Security for the Self-employed)

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Do you experience the increasing demands in work, everyday life or family more and more as a burden? When energy and zest for life are decreasing, perhaps even sleeping problems or other physical symptoms occur, it is high time to act.

SunCoaching supports you with holistic and scientifically based methods in your personal stress management.
Based on your individual stress profile, you will develop and learn effective coping strategies for your stress, time and conflict management. Techniques from mental training and happiness research as well as relaxation and breathing exercises complement your wellbeing program.


PARTNER OFFER from                    300.00 EUR

minus HEALTH BONUS*              - 100.00 EUR

YOUR COSTS from:                          200.00 EUR


Target group: Anybody interested in the topic of stress prevention and management and especially people, who are beginning to show symptoms of stress and who want to regain or increase their well-being.


1st appointment: Unit of 90 minutes: EUR 120.00

Clarification of orders, checklists for stress detection, analysis of the current situation and definition of goals, breathing technique for immediate relaxation and regeneration


2nd + 3rd dates: units of 60 minutes each: a total of 180.00 EUR

Understanding and coping with stress: Stress management on an instrumental, mental and regenerative level; Development of individual solutions and application of selected strategies and techniques for your personal stress management


Demand-oriented deepening and further development as an option:

Each additional unit of 60 minutes: EUR 90.00


Methods: Stress models and exercise instructions in theory and practice,

Checklists for self-reflection, systemic coaching, constellations on the system board, resource-oriented target work, NLP formats, wingwave® short-term coaching, scientifically based mental training as well as relaxation and mindfulness training


Objective: Actively encounter stressors, defuse personal stress intensifiers, promote regeneration; Regain and increase serenity, productivity and zest for life.


You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. Jon Kabat-Zinn


* After submitting the invoice and confirmation of payment, you will receive 100 EUR from SVS
refunded. More information about the SVS 100EUR Health Bonus and the requirements for
your application you will find here.
Please use the SVS form for your application:


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