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  • Individual, couples and family counseling

  • Communication

  • Relationships, conflicts, anger management

  • Changes, life crises

  • Empowering women

  • Holistic wellbeing


  • The Science of Happiness

  • HUNA – Hawaiian Aloha Lifestyle

  • Personality development

  • Self esteem, self realization

  • Finding enjoyment and  meaning in life

  • Mindfulness, relaxation, meditation


  • Stress management, burnout prevention

  • Work – life balance

  • Executive Coaching

  • Orientation, career, life planning (especially for young adults and students)

  • Re – entry into profession

  • Mental training


My clients:

  • Individuals, couples and families

  • Entrepreneurs, executives, employees and teams

  • People who want to live and work more consciously, actively, happily and successfully 


We handle your individual concerns and topics either:

  • in the relaxed, quiet and positive atmosphere of my consulting room
    (private parking in front of the house)

  • in your own company or office

  • as online coaching via Skype/Google Meet

  • during a "Walk & Talk in Nature"

  • in German or English

Time frame and fee for consultation and coaching

With my wide range of scientifically based, effective  SunCoaching-Methods, I accompany you from your current situation to the goal, whereby methodology, consultation duration and frequency are always individually tailored to your needs.

The duration and fee of a coaching or counseling unit can vary according to the client's wishes and topic as well as the jointly agreed methods and techniques used:   1h: € 95,-    1,5h: € 130,-    2h:  €160,- 

The fee for a couples counseling session (1,5h) is: € 95,-/person.

Intervals of approx. 2 weeks between the units have proven to be beneficial; shorter and longer intervals can be chosen as well. Most of the time just a few units are enough to reach a goal. When it comes to multiple objectives or deeper blockages, a process can take a little longer.

COACHING & COUNSELING OPTIONS: in the SunCoaching office or Online!

In compliance with the applicable legal regulations, coaching & counseling will be offered in the SunCoaching office. Ingrid Stadtler-Pree has been working successfully with her clients for many years with remote consultations (telephone or video chat via Skype, Google Meet or WhatsApp). Therefore you always have the choice of the setting when making an appointment. Secure your appointment here!

Please contact me regarding special payment conditions, if needed—professional support should remain affordable!

Note: No fee will be charged for cancellations made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.


NEW: SunCoaching is a health partner of the SVS (Social Insurance of the Self-Employed).
Therefore, the "SVS Health voucher" applies to the partner offer:
"SunCoaching—Stress Management & Wellbeing"
Please request the offer when making an appointment. 
Click on the button for more information:

​If you want to know more about coaching and counseling (differences between coaching, psychosocial counseling and psychotherapy..),

click here for FAQ.

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WorkshoPS, SeminaRS & LECTURES

Among the current topics you can book one-day or multi-day workshops and seminars, evening workshops and lectures as well as
compact individual training designed for your individual requirements:


  • HUNA 1: Hawaiian wisdom for a successful life

  • HUNA 2: More Hawaiian Wisdom

  • The Science of Happiness

  • Stress management & burnout prevention, work-life balance

  • Communication & Personality Development and other relevant topics


Current workshops: 

Exploring HUNA for Life-Coaching
ThinkTech Hawaii

Exploring HUNA for Life-Coaching

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