At a first consultation, we offer you a full counseling session that goes beyond the personal acquaintance. You already gain new perspectives for yourself and get a first impression of our way of working. The cost of a consultation (60 minutes) is € 100,-.

The further procedure and the intervals between the coachings are individually coordinated with you. Depending on the nature of your request and the choice of methods or interventions, units of 60-90 minutes are recommended for follow-up appointments.


The coexistence and cooperation of people always contains potential for conflict. Acting positively and communicating in a relationship-friendly manner is effective stress management and makes working and private life easier.
By means of systemic and integrative methods you reflect and change conflict patterns, strengthen your relationships and also your personal well-being.




The fast pace of our information age, chronic stress and massive life changes bring us to the limits of resilience.

In individual consultations we support you in dealing with stormy times and creating your life active and self-determined.

In particular our body signals with malaise, pain or other symptoms that for example we sit too long, move too little or wrong or already suffer from acute or chronic stress.
Benefit from the proven positive effect of soothing massages, targeted relaxation and training in stress reduction and harmonization of body and mind.
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