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  Strategies for more serenity in everyday life  

Are you experiencing the increasing demands of work, everyday life or relationships as a burden?

When energy and zest for life diminish, perhaps sleep problems or other physical symptoms occur, it is high time to act.

In the workshop, you have the opportunity to develop individual solutions and coping strategies based on your own questions and problems and receive tools and documents for their implementation in everyday life. It's ensured that you can process important concerns, but keep personal or confidential topics to yourself (covert work mehtods).
Look forward to a varied day with interesting encounters and new insights!

Goals of the workshop:

  • Recognize the characteristics and dangers of stress and its impact on health and performance

  • discover your own stressors and stress enhancers

  • learn and apply your choice of effective stress management strategies

  • Increase again serenity, creativity and performance



Introduction, theories and models on stress

Practical problem-solving:

  • Recognition of personal stressors, stress reactions, stress enhancers

  • Develop personal stress management strategies (at multiple levels)

  • Mastering stress with concrete goals for everyday life

  • Relaxation and energizing exercises for immediate regeneration

Target group: Persons with private or work challenges, double workloads, increased stress levels or  beginning stress symptoms.



Theoretical inputs, practical experiences and exercises alternate.

The transfer is ensured by the creation of a concrete implementation plan.

Workshops 2021 upon request 


This workshop can also be booked as "in-house training".

After the workshop individual coaching sessions can be arranged with the speaker if required.



Do you have anymore questions? Feel free to contact us directly via email or phone.

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