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Ingrid Stadtler-Pree

It is a fulfilling vocation and privilege for me to accompany people on their way to
more happiness and success in an encouraging and mindful manner.

I look forward to meeting you!

Personal information

An important luck factor for me are good relationships.

I am very grateful for the people in my life: for my husband and our three wonderful children, the extended family, friends and colleagues in Austria, Germany, Hawai'i, New Zealand ...


My sources of strength: exercise in nature, especially Nordic walking, hiking, swimming, skiing and the Hawaiian breathing technique "Piko-Piko"



A special pleasure and honor was my ordination as an

Alaka'i of Huna International by Serge Kahili King, PhD

in October 2015 with the award of my Hawaiian name:

"He wahine maika'i me ka opu halau" Short: Melia Maika'i

Meaning: The good woman with a big heart.

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