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Susan Pa’iniu Floyd

Interviewed by Ingrid Melia Stadtler-Pree

Big Island of Hawaii, July 27th, 2019

Ingrid: Welcome, Susan Pa’iniu Floyd. And thank you, for your time, as well!

So, you are an Alakai since 1986, as well as a board member of Huna International; a Kumu Hula, a Lomi-Lomi, Kino Mana &  Huna teacher. You have been teaching together with Serge King since 1987. You present your courses also on the U.S. mainland, in Europe, Russia and in Japan. Since last year Serge decided to take more time for writing and he turned the shaman courses over to you as well.

So, Susan, looking back on this profound background: What has been the most important impact Serge and his Huna teachings have had on you and your life?

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